My college friend, Jenny, is celebrating her 25th post with a giveaway...I guess I should say my friend since college...because we are way out of college now...we were in the same program and shared several fun times studying, creating projects and such...for example:

Working on a HUMONGO project at her house and a vacuum cleaner guy was there trying to sell her and her hubby a vacuum...Jenny was getting so frustrated...ha!

When we were team teaching in a 5th grade class and one morning I had to sneak to the teacher's workroom to call and see where she was...she just overslept...We had some AWE to the SOME lessons for those kiddos! Go Civil War! Ok...war probably shouldn't get a shout out...umm...Go History! better? moving on...

or when she and her hubby up and moved without telling me...I searched high and low for them...Jenny, you wanted me to find you right? We finally did catch up and then lost touch but thanks to the internet all is well now!

In order to be entered into her giveaway post a comment on her blog at jennykate's spot and post a blog about another entry from her blog...I tell you it is a hoot and a half! Jenny, you mean for it to be funny, right? :)

I enjoy her Friday Confession posts...

Jenny, thanks for being my friend! Oh...when I win, I have a cannot mail have to hand it to me...that will mean we'll HAVE to figure out a time to visit!

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Thanks for the post, Feather!

You're totally cracking me up...and yes, I TOTALLY meant for it to be funny...and fun...

That vacuum saleman did not know when to stop...I think I'm still holding a grudge. I'm never buying a vacuum cleaner from a door-to-door salesman...EVER!

I'm still REALLY and TRULY sorry about going MIA. That was never my intention. Glad we're in touch now. I promise a face to face visit soon!

October 13, 2008 at 10:12 AM  

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