So, last night I attended the American Idols Live concert sponsored by Pop Tarts. This is my third Idol concert (not all from this season). At the other 2 I went to, they handed out free Pop Tarts after the show. This year I saw a Pop Tart mascot and was so going to have my picture made with him, because I just knew he would be at the Pop Tart Pop Tart Cart or mascot outside...Stupid Po(o)p Tarts...

The second half was much better than the first but here are some pics of the finalists I liked...sorry to all you Jason Castro fans he's only in one pic...and barely...along with some of the others...

And the best part of the show was definitely David Cook:

The finale group song:, I so missed this week's Thursday's thought...I only remembered after the massive influx of emails of my faithful readers reminded me...yeah..ok..moving on...

Today's quote:

"Hope is the thing with feathers that
perches in the soul and sings the tune
without words and never stops at all."
-Emily Dickinson

Yes, I do like the quote because it has feather in it...However, this definition is a good one...Have you ever hoped for something and it continued to flutter inside of you until it was a reality...surely so. I have. There are a lot of things that are currently perching and singing in my soul. Sometimes circumstances, people and even myself can mute the singing causing doubt, discouragement and disbelief. But remember, hope in your soul never stops even though we sometimes get caught up in life...we sometimes choose not to notice it as much if at all...Look at the end result of what you are hoping for and don't allow distractions. May the singing of the thing(s) perched in your soul never get quiet and continuously stir excitement in your life...thrusting you closer to your hopes becoming reality...

As I look through other blogs, I see how everyone is basically dealing with their kiddos starting back to school...the struggles of pre-k, the excitement to get back to a routine and such...I do not have any kiddos to send to school, but it did get me to thinking how I felt as an elementary student when school would start. I remember the night before the first day organizing all of my supplies in my bag like 100 times or so, making sure my name was on everything and checking the list. Going to get school supplies was almost as fun for me as Christmas...ok, not really, but I really enjoyed it...Of course we would get the items on the list then I would tell my aunt of all the things that I "just had to have" such as:

This original Monchhichi (I wouldn't have known how to spell it without seeing this cover)coloring book with the bride and groom that was such a big decision for me as a youngster about to enter kindergarten. On the school supply list was a coloring book. So, I got to choose. I actually remember being in the store and taking what seemed like forever to decide on what coloring book to actually get. Well, as a 5 year old, what other big decisions did I have?

This lunch box I had in some grade...I'm pretty sure that every year I would get a different lunch box before school started and I think I maybe took my lunch a total of 10 times in elementary school...but I just had to have it!

oh, the Trapper Keeper...It so did its job of trapping and keeping...of course by the end of the school year it had super tons of doodles and such all over it...along with the beat up edges from being dropped and sliding to the front of the bus or being stepped on in the hallway.

Then there's Lisa Frank...I think all of the psychedelic colors she used put girls in a trance and zombie-fied us to think we had to have everything from pencils with dolphins to stickers with kittens to address books with horses and of course folders with puppies...

Even though I enjoyed it so much...I think I may not let my future kiddos go with me to get their stuff...I think I'll get what is needed and not have to have my 5 year old spending 20 minutes to decide on a coloring book...but we'll see...

Here's one of my boys, Sam. Sam was a man of the streets in my aunt's neighborhood as a kitten and honestly, I reluctantly took him to live with me in my new house. I really do love

Since he was a "wild" one he was used to fighting for his food. He was so little when I took him home.
After a few years, he definitely has evolved from a skittish kitten to a cat that is not afraid to gently paw at you until you pay him attention...

He doesn't have to fight anymore for his food...but somehow it seems like he still thinks he has to eat all he can...
Yeah...Sam has a weight problem...or could it be a wait problem? He likes to lie around all day and wait until his food is put out...
But he is so darn cute! We have been working on him getting more exercise and I think he plays with the contraption for probably a total of 3 minutes a day...If humans are supposed to do like 30 minutes, 3 minutes should be enough for a cat, right? I think if I moved around on all fours, my belly might swing from side to side too...I just get the privilege of walking upright...

Last summer I was blessed with a trip to NYC. ( I heart the Schroeders!) This was my first trip there. Here are some of my favorite shots from my trip.

I just LOVE him!

This week's post isn't as deep as last week...or is it??? you know...we have a grandma and a grandpa they equal grandparents when you talk about them together.

mom and dad equal parents.

brothers and sisters equal siblings.

sons and daughters equal children.

oreos and milk equal delicious...wait...I'm getting off track...

So...why isnt there a combo term for nieces and nephews or aunts and uncles? So we could say something like I have 13 niephews or all my auntlces live out of state? I think adding the combo terms would probably save us like 25 minutes in our whole lives...any other suggestions or combo words we need to let Webster know about?

My info prior to and as of April 20, 2008:
Name: Feather K
Age: 30
Marital Status: Single
Children: Someday
Siblings: 0
Nieces/Nephews: 1 (my cousin's son, Lil Man, calls me Aunt K)
Occupation: Adult Education

My info as of April 21, 2008:

Name: Feather K
Age: 30
Marital Status: Single
Children: Someday
Siblings: 5
Nieces/Nephews: 13 (including Lil' Man)
Occupation: Adult Education

Did you notice any changes? It's not a typo. On April 21st I was contacted via MySpace by a half sister whom I knew about but hadn't seen in about 25 years. I had seen pictures and was aware of a total of 3 sisters but had no contact. But she told me that I have 5 sisters. We all have the same biological father. The mixture of emotion I felt is so hard to describe: shocked, confused, overwhelmed, scared, happy, anxious, full of questions, etc. They sought me out! One sister had remembered my name when she was a child. Good thing my name is unique. What a wonderful feeling for someone to search for you, care for you and not even know you. If you're thinking...Lifetime Movie plot...I know :)
Here is a group picture my sisters:
A solo pic of me:

Another group shot of the girls:

So, do you think we favor? I have only personally met one sister. She lives near me. I have communicated with the others (who are spread out around the US). There are plans in the works for us to meet this fall. You can never have too many people to care about or who care about you. I am so anxious to meet them, to see their mannerisms, hear their voices, share stories and such.

I know God has perfect timing and it is too bad that we couldn't have known about each other as we grew up, but at least this amazing adventure is happening now. I am grateful that they pursued me and have given me the opportunity now, instead of years down the road or possibly never, to get to know them and be part of their lives.

So, I woke up on April 21st-did my normal routine of life as an only child. I went to bed that night as a sister.

Update: I met 2 sisters in November click here to find out more...

So, I've been catching the Olympics when I can...and it does make me feel so proud of our athletes and their accomplishments...I was thinking...I wouldn't be in the "real" Olympics winter or summer games...sure, I would like to be a gold medal curler...on the ice..not for my curler even the right term? I cool would it be stand alongside the other medalists and hear your national anthem be played...I'd be crying like a baby...first because I actually made it but also because I cry very easily...

However, I know my limitations. I know that with the current events in the Olympics, I would never make it...So, I think there should be Life Olympics...My gold medal event would be snipping split ends out of my hair...may gross some of you out...but I am obsessed...well...maybe not obsessed...just in training...Hey, Phelps swims like 5 hours a takes discipline...I might take silver or bronze in how long the load of laundry can stay in the dryer and be turned on to get the wrinkles out before putting them away event...

In what Life Olympic event would you medal? while watching the Olympics, they had a small story on Chinese culture and McDonald' they have just in recent years (maybe it was this year...minor detail) introduced the drive thru. S0, naturally, when anything is new...there's a learning curve...

So, now I ask you...How long have drive thrus been in the US of A? I think almost FOREVER...well, since I can remember...No need for a learning curve right??? Well, you'd think not...

First we started with the 1 order screen and 1 window to pay and receive your grub.
Then we progressed to the 2 at window 1 -grub at window 2
After that we have 2 menu boards. The one strategically placed approximately 3 car lengths back so you can have your order ready and then proceed to the menu board/order screen in which you can yell your order ( also now has a screen so you can see your order)...
Then we have the 2 lanes so we can weave and they have to repeat your order a just in case you cut in front of the other car in the other lane...You know you've tried it...You also get that feeling like when you're at the bank of which lane to choose...and kick yourself because you knew to choose the other one when your lane takes forever...

Well, with all that being thrus are not new to us...perhaps the way they look change...but the last 3 times I have gone through a drive thru the person in front of me has practically parked at the preview menu board...waiting to give their order...then their demeanor (from what I can tell by looking at their side view mirror) goes from...Why don't they acknowledge that I'm here and take my order to Oh, I need to pull up to order like this sign on the menu board says...

I would like to say my fast food visits were weeks apart...but no--all within the last week at different places though...Am I's FAST food for goodness sakes...and if you are stalling at the preview menu board to mull over your options...that's ok...unless you can proceed to the ACTUAL menu board...Just odd that it's happened this many times...and people actually don't know or remember...I'm sure it's not their first time at this rodeo... we'll see how long I can keep this up...but I'm going to attempt to post a quote/thought every Thursday. So, my 3 loyal commentless readers...start commenting so Thursday's Thoughts can take the blogging world by storm!

"Half our mistakes in life arise from feeling where we ought to think, and thinking where we ought to feel."
-John Churton Collins

I've been stewing on the above quote for a few weeks now...what does it mean to you? What time(s) in your life has this been true for you?

For me lately, I have been definitely confusing them both...I can't seem to be rational and suppress the emotion when I need to be and vice versa...

So, our great receptionist at work shared an encounter she had on my behalf. As you should know my name is Feather. So, few people get this the first time whether it is in person or on the phone. Even the other folks in my office have to generally explain my name to the caller, "That will be handled by Feather. No, a bird." Hence the name of my blog.

The receptionist told me that someone called in and needed assistance. It would be something that I would handle, so she was explaining that to the caller. After repeated attempts to explain that yes my name was in fact Feather. He was convinced that my name was Seather...Finally he got it! He then said, "Ok, I will need to visit with Feather. Do you know when he will be available?"...HE? Isn't Feather unique enough...but to assume that I am a fella with that name...HA...Hope there aren't any male Feather's out may have more difficulty explaining your name than I... :)

Ok, so as mentioned in a previous post, I went on a train ride last weekend. As we were in the depot waiting, I saw this outfit. I probably should blurr out her face for privacy reasons, but I think I have maybe 3 people who actually read my blogs...I so discretely asked my cousin to pose for a picture (you see her in the foreground) as I ever so cleverly took a picture of this summer train ride ensemble: Mustard, black and white t-shirt top with the 80's abstract painting look along with white shorts with a blue flowered print. Interesting.

This was a post I had on my previous blog-orignial posting date was 7/11/07: i was sitting at an indoor sonic enjoying my peach iced tea and popcorn chicken when i saw a lady and her pre teen daughter walk by...they were carrying their food in sacks and a fork fell...what did they do? they paused to look at it, looked at each other, grinned and walked away...I am not quite sure why this bothers me...well, yes i am...even though this was a minute instance, what was this mother teaching her daughter? that it is ok to not pick up what you drop..if you know that someone else will eventually do it? that her timeline is more important that the person's that will clean up her mess?

the time it took for them to pause and grin, they could have picked it wasnt like they were carrying a ton of stuff...the daughter was only holding her soda...

people, let's take responsibility for our actions...large or small...

don't leave your forks for someone else to pick up...

So, I've just read the book He's Just Not That in to You. After several recommendations from my wonderful hair cuttress and friend, Shelia...I recommend if you're a single lady---read it! It is very down to earth, no holds barred, and uses humor. There is language and maybe all of the chapters won't relate to you...but it could be ammo to help a dear friend :)...I have recently experienced what is so wonderfully described in the "He's just not that into you if he disappeared on you" chapter. So, I'm pretty sure that there will be at least one chapter (probably more) with which you can relate. There's even a movie coming out in February. Below is the link to the trailer...

Traveled down to the small town where Lil Man lives for his b-day party. As you can see it was held at the community pool. I wasn't even aware this town had a community pool. Go small town! So, he thinks he's going to jump off of the diving board. All of the bigger kids were doing it, so why not?

He ponders and ponders...and it's a no go..
Turning the big 0-4!

Lil Man is such an old soul. He says things like, "Oh my word!" and "What in the world?" Below is a glimpse of the excitement while opening his presents...too funny!

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