So, I've been catching the Olympics when I can...and it does make me feel so proud of our athletes and their accomplishments...I was thinking...I wouldn't be in the "real" Olympics winter or summer games...sure, I would like to be a gold medal curler...on the ice..not for my curler even the right term? I cool would it be stand alongside the other medalists and hear your national anthem be played...I'd be crying like a baby...first because I actually made it but also because I cry very easily...

However, I know my limitations. I know that with the current events in the Olympics, I would never make it...So, I think there should be Life Olympics...My gold medal event would be snipping split ends out of my hair...may gross some of you out...but I am obsessed...well...maybe not obsessed...just in training...Hey, Phelps swims like 5 hours a takes discipline...I might take silver or bronze in how long the load of laundry can stay in the dryer and be turned on to get the wrinkles out before putting them away event...

In what Life Olympic event would you medal?

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i would totally watch if that became an olympic event! heck, i bet i could compete in the games then too! i love how you put on your "about me" your name is feather, not heather. i can not tell you how many people i don't even correct anymore, some of my alias' are becky, lacy, casey, stanky, sparky, they get worse and i just nod, sure call me stanky i guess it's better than what i've been called a time or two!!

August 19, 2008 at 8:41 PM  

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