As you may or may not name is Feather. So there are some last names that would not be good for me to have...funny...but not good to have permanently. For example, if I were to marry a fella with the last name Duster (not sure if anyone in the world has this last name...but anyway) I would then become known to everyone as Feather Duster...not cool...I have a whole list of other last names that will not work...but would like to hear your funny possibilities...

This Sunday is officially Father's Day. A day in which everyone can celebrate their fathers, grandfathers, uncles and such...OK not sure why I just explained it, I'm sure you know what the day is all about...However, for the last couple of years, I have been trying to start a movement to also have it FEATHER'S DAY. All you have to do is add an E and Father becomes Feather...Is that too much to ask? Father's can still have their day...not trying to take over the day, just to share it. I don't need presents...just people to call, text, write, email, skywrite, sports marquee "Happy Feather's Day, Feather!" would suffice. You may be thinking..."Wow...she's kinda stuck on herself"...not really...I see it as being creative and taking the opportunity :) So, my family is well aware as are some friends...(no skywritten messages yet)...I think Hallmark will be on board soon. So in a couple of years your local Target will have a card section labeled "Feather's Day"...So, can I count on you to help spread the word? Thanks! :) What would your holiday be called?

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