As I look through other blogs, I see how everyone is basically dealing with their kiddos starting back to school...the struggles of pre-k, the excitement to get back to a routine and such...I do not have any kiddos to send to school, but it did get me to thinking how I felt as an elementary student when school would start. I remember the night before the first day organizing all of my supplies in my bag like 100 times or so, making sure my name was on everything and checking the list. Going to get school supplies was almost as fun for me as Christmas...ok, not really, but I really enjoyed it...Of course we would get the items on the list then I would tell my aunt of all the things that I "just had to have" such as:

This original Monchhichi (I wouldn't have known how to spell it without seeing this cover)coloring book with the bride and groom that was such a big decision for me as a youngster about to enter kindergarten. On the school supply list was a coloring book. So, I got to choose. I actually remember being in the store and taking what seemed like forever to decide on what coloring book to actually get. Well, as a 5 year old, what other big decisions did I have?

This lunch box I had in some grade...I'm pretty sure that every year I would get a different lunch box before school started and I think I maybe took my lunch a total of 10 times in elementary school...but I just had to have it!

oh, the Trapper Keeper...It so did its job of trapping and keeping...of course by the end of the school year it had super tons of doodles and such all over it...along with the beat up edges from being dropped and sliding to the front of the bus or being stepped on in the hallway.

Then there's Lisa Frank...I think all of the psychedelic colors she used put girls in a trance and zombie-fied us to think we had to have everything from pencils with dolphins to stickers with kittens to address books with horses and of course folders with puppies...

Even though I enjoyed it so much...I think I may not let my future kiddos go with me to get their stuff...I think I'll get what is needed and not have to have my 5 year old spending 20 minutes to decide on a coloring book...but we'll see...

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LOL... I do not remember the "orginal Monchhichi" but I do remember the lunch box and I barely brought my lunch to school... ALSO the trapper keeper, and you could only have the Lisa frank trapper keeper because you weren't cool unless you had one... :) ...

Just think Clo and Lo were this way with Jake a few weeks ago... He probably said I NEED THIS I NEED THAT...

August 24, 2008 at 9:40 PM  

I loved LISA FRANK!! She rocked!!! Oh the memories that flowed in while reading this post. Oh, why didn't we relish those days when things were so easy in comparision to today. Can we go back?

August 24, 2008 at 10:50 PM  

Oh you'll let 'em get what they'll just send them with their aunt jan!

August 24, 2008 at 10:54 PM  

lisa frank was so MY bff..and she even signed her folders to me as lylas.

if she was two timing me with you, i will never be able to forgive her...slut.

August 25, 2008 at 9:10 AM  

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