Here are my confessions for the past goes...

- I haven't done a Friday Confessions post since before Thanksgiving....

- I had to bring a dessert for a work thing and when I got to the checkout I saw that it had a tiny piece of mold on it...and the thought actually crossed my mind that I could so take out that piece...because it was so far to go get another and the lines were humongo...NO I didn't buy it...I gave it to the cashier...

- I still haven't put up my Christmas tree..honestly...I don't think I am this year...I still love Jesus, people...

- I actually ironed some pants this week (my normal wrinkle removal process is to use the dryer) however, the ironing board stayed up in the living room for ummm about 3 days...

- Went to Target...which I do a couple times a week...and I always have the same am I stalking him or is he stalking me?

- I love Survivor...and yet I scheduled the banquet for my kids' team on the same night as the finale...what if we did the banquet in fast forward??? just kidding I heart the kiddos more than Survivor...(I thank you, Lord for DVR's for I know they are a gift directly from your hand...Amen)

- I had a gyro one day for lunch and I thought the lady asked if I liked Feather Cheese...I was confused for a second then realized she said Feta cheese....I know that not EVERYTHING is about me...just most things...ha

- I called a rep from and was not very nice to them...because a package for Lil Miss came with a big ol' hole in it...come to find out was UPS's fault...aarrgghh...I know accidents happen...but leave a note...or wait for me to answer the door...don't just ring the bell and run...So I had to take it back to Wal-mart...the whole reason I ordered it online was so I wouldn't have to deal...but I so had to deal with a momma hossa line at the service desk...isn't there a commercial out this season that says they'll have more lanes open...well my Wal-mart didn't get the memo...

- I watched Elf for the 867th time this week...

This is my 99th post!!! I'm hoping to do something exciting for the 100th be sure to check back!!! Of course, I know you're thinking the last 99 have been so exciting and over the can she out-do that...well, my friends, I shall do my best...I may even do my first giveaway... :)

Also- Thanks to Keli @ Dream.Imagine.Live for this award:

4 remarks:

Great list and I love the feta cheese one. You crack me up.

December 12, 2008 at 11:23 PM  

I absolutely LOVE the movie Elf! We still haven't watched it this holiday season...hmmm...maybe tonite! Bummer on Walmart!

December 13, 2008 at 7:38 AM  

I love Elf.
I love Feta.
I hate Wal-Mart. Mine missed the memo too.

December 14, 2008 at 10:32 AM  

Great FC's! Cracking up over the no Christmas tree and "Feather Cheese" and 867th viewing of Elf. LOL☺

December 15, 2008 at 10:01 AM  

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