I thought of this phrase while in college...because it described what I did about 80% of the time. You may be thinking...this is such an oxymoron---the phrase...not me---let me explain it to you...I would be a productive procrastinator when I would have an assignment due the next day and as I am working on it, I would need another pencil...when I found the pencil in a drawer, I would decide to organize that drawer...this would lead to me choosing a cd to play and as I am deciding, feel the urge to ensure all of my cd's are in the correct cases...this would lead to another task and so on...my procrastination with my assignment would lead to productive outcomes in other areas...the overall assignment would be completed, but I would take several detours along the way...I have noticed that I still do it...I know what I should take priority, but I somehow still want to take all of my plastic bowls and match them with their lids before completing the assignment...If only I had the desire to do these tasks when I didn't have a project or something that is immediately due...

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