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A lot of us have thought about what happened 7 years ago today. I know I thought about how I was on my way to teach my 4th graders and heard about the first plane on the radio. I made it into the office about the time the second plane hit. The next several days there was so much fear that seemed to take over almost everyone. We were getting bomb threats in the district and had to evacuate on a couple of occasions.

When I visitied D.C. in 2003 there was an exhibit that had items from that day. There was a voice mail from a victim that you could listen to articles of clothing and such. It was very moving.

I visited Ground Zero last August when I was in NYC. They were working on the memorial. I hadn't seen the Towers in person. To see the open area it was hard to invision how two massive buildings were there. It also put into perspective for me how close everything is there.

There is a Fire Station right across the street which now has a memorial alongside the building.

I encourage you to take the time to think and pray about all those affected by 9/11/01, those who lost their lives that day and the ones who have well as their families.

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