But it makes a BIG difference...(yes, I know...two posts in one week...I'm back on a roll...)

Let me tell you why...So, I am planning a baby shower for my cousin, Sara. She is due in August. The shower is set for this month, but this month is super crazy...so I needed to get the invitations out..and that I did...

I double checked the name she has chosen (Ryan Clark) and made sure she was ok with me using it in the invitation and I checked her address with her...I printed, tied ribbons, addressed and mailed the invitations! What a relief...I was able to finish that task timely...however, I found out today that I had put the incorrect direction for the street! She doesn't live on N. "Street" as I had printed on all 957 invitations...She lives on E. "Street"!!! Aarrgghh!

I don't even know what is located at the address I printed. Probably some liquor store.

I guess I should go find this address and let them know they may have some gift bearing ladies showing up at the end of the month...

All because of one little letter...

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Nice to see you again after all this time.

I hope that people find the shower. Have a new set of directions ready for the people when they arive ot the first location. It would be like a scavenger hunt baby shower.

June 12, 2010 at 8:54 PM  

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